Monday, May 3, 2010

great Privacy forum tonight in Virginia Beach

Privacy is a hot topic -
hard for the recorder to keep up!

It was a small group, but we had no difficulty filling the time. Two of the participants work in law enforcement and brought practical knowledge with their perspectives on privacy. We started by sharing a personal experience with privacy. That ranged from reading Skype's privacy policy to a case of mistaken identity to discovering a need for a gene test.

No one had much faith in the marketplace's intentions, but while conceding that public servants generally do have good intentions, we questioned their capacity to protect privacy. We talked about hacked databases and conflicting regulations on public records. Most of the group felt that no one cares as much about my privacy as I do, but it will mean giving up convenience and making a real effort to protect my information. We could use advice and tips, but also people just take really foolish risks without thinking.

We expressed a desire to rebuild the kind of community where people look out for each other, but without the stifling conformity that drove people away. While privacy is needful to protect us from criminals, it would be less of an issue if people were more tolerant of diverse views.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Carolyn.
    It does seem that to protect privacy requires constant effort and sacrifice, with little reward: I've lost a little less of of my privacy.

    It is a hard balance to strike.