Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Valparaiso University celebrates Banned Books Week

Valparaiso University’s Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources held its second annual Banned Books Readout in celebration and support of ALA’s Banned Books Week.

Four members of the Valparaiso University community – including Dean of Libraries Richard AmRhein – read from books that had been banned or challenged in the previous year.

In commenting on the importance of ALA’s recognition of books that have been banned or otherwise challenged, Dean AmRhein, who read an excerpt from And Tango Makes Three, said, “In this country, it is one of our most basic rights to freely access all points of view on any topic. The Banned Books Readout event is a reminder to all that while not everyone will agree the ideas presented, the author has the right to express them and the reader has the right to hear and consider them.”