Friday, April 24, 2009

Privacy Issue Map

Who do I trust to protect my privacy?

the marketplace

the government

my self

Actions to Implement

Purchase security measures

Use spending to reward business that respects privacy

Use public opinion, boycott against intrusive businesses.

Set up an office like Canada

Use courts to enforce checks/balances

Enact legislation that protects privacy

Monitor credit, stay informed

Demand transparent processes

Pay cash, avoid EZpass

Supporters would say

Innovates to protect privacy

Keeps up with new threats

Is motivated to please customers

ID theft threatens profits

HIPAA, Libraries are good examples

Privacy implied in First Amendment

Protecting rights is government role

Clarifies public value for public servants

“Who will watch the watchers?”

What should be private is individual

Individual carelessness is main threat

Only one who can detect/correct errors/theft

Opponents would say

Targeted marketing is invasive

Data mining is profitable

Susceptible to government pressure

Public has limited leverage

No universal definition of what’s private

Susceptible to demagoguery

Cannot keep up with changing threats

Always tempted by secrecy

Too hard, too much work

Public is lazy, won’t demand privacy

Individuals don’t have the power

Can never be sure you’re safe


Savings through targeted sales

Escalating security expenses

Public safety & National security

Complex bureaucratic rules

Time & effort & inconvenience

No one to blame but self

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